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November 2011
Democracy’s Third Wave Today
by Larry Diamond
“While restlessness with democracy has grown in many places, authoritarian rule generally elicits greater unease if not disgust.”

November 2011
Is There a Proper Sequence in Democratic Transitions?
by Francis Fukuyama
“Stable democracy does not depend on a rigid set of preconditions, and has emerged in many surprising circumstances.”

November 2011
The New World of Democracy Promotion
by Lincoln Mitchell
“The 1990s were the period when democracy promotion in the form we think of it today began to take shape. But that global political environment was unique. . . . Things have changed since then.”

November 2011
The Transnational Challenge to Arab Freedom
by Jason Brownlee
“The White House has not repealed the doctrines that in the Middle East prioritize the stability of allied autocracies over democratization.”

November 2011
Democracy and Reconfigured Power in Africa
by Richard Joseph
“The third wave of democracy did sweep across much of sub-Saharan Africa in the 1990s, but has now subsided, except for ripples and eddies.”

November 2011
Perspective: Could China Be the Next Wave?
by Bruce Gilley
China’s one-party state is here to stay, many observers agree. Then again, Samuel Huntington in 1984 assessed the odds of regime change in the communist world as “virtually nil.”

November 2011
Books: Dictators and Democrats, Unite!
by William W. Finan Jr.
Of course critical differences distinguish democratic from authoritarian governments. Still, a new book argues that all politicians, in striving to gain and keep power, consult essentially the same handbook.

November 2011
The Month in Review
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in September 2011, country by country, day by day.

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