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Global Trends

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January 2014
Perils and Progress
by Alan Sorensen
History’s horrors shouldn’t blind us to the continuing spread of liberal ideas and values.

January 2014
A Hundred Years of Current History
by Joshua Lustig
An anniversary occasions a look back through this magazine’s archives.

January 2014
Can America Keep Its Global Role?
by Michael Mandelbaum
The United States provides essential services to other countries, but could tire of the task.

January 2014
The Next Democratic Century
by Larry Diamond
Despite setbacks in some countries, democracy has no legitimate competitor.

January 2014
Weathering the Climate Crisis
by Sheila Jasanoff
Scientific advances offer hope, but governments must cooperate to save the environment.

January 2014
The Quest for Global Governance
by G. John Ikenberry
Most nations are eager to join the US-led liberal order, provided authority is shared.

January 2014
The Information Revolution and Power
by Joseph S. Nye Jr.
The rise of digital networks is diffusing power to new players. Fourth in a series on soft power.

January 2014
The Future of the Nuclear Order
by Scott D. Sagan
Keeping the nuclear peace will require vigilance, restraint, wisdom, and a bit of luck.

January 2014
Converging Economic Destinies
by Uri Dadush
Multitudes are escaping poverty in developing nations while rich economies stagnate.

January 2014
The Waning of Warfare
by Bruce Russett
A more democratic, interdependent world has seen a marked decline in armed conflicts.

January 2014
Making Room for Rising Powers
by Amrita Narlikar
New heavyweights have their own preferences when it comes to global burden sharing.

January 2014
Human Rights and Gay Rights
by Omar G. Encarnación
The gay rights movement has emerged as the defining human rights cause of our time.

January 2014
The Long View of Terrorism
by Martha Crenshaw
The deep roots of extremist violence make military responses in most cases ineffective.

January 2014
The Human Population Unbound
by Nicholas Eberstadt
Our species has freed itself from formerly binding demographic patterns and limits.

January 2014
The Month in Review: November 2013
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in November 2013, country by country, day by day.

January 2014
First Cover of Current History
by the editors of Current History
First cover of Current History

January 2013
The Governance Gap
by Joshua Lustig and Alan Sorensen
Globalization, slowed by advanced economies’ malaise, is still outpacing efforts to manage its risks and byproducts. Better multilateral coordination is needed to narrow the gap.

January 2013
Why the World Should Worry About Europe’s Disarray
by Jan Zielonka
“International politics based on law and norms has benefited European countries, and there is no reason to assume that other regions cannot benefit from it too.”

January 2013
The Inequality Challenge
by Uri Dadush and Kemal Dervis
“Sustaining the transformational force of technology and globalization, . . . while mitigating their polarizing effect within countries, is likely to prove one of the twenty-first century’s great challenges.”

January 2013
The Mixed News on Poverty
by Anirudh Krishna
“To make progress toward moving a majority of the world’s population into better circumstances, we must adopt a more nuanced view of what constitutes poverty.”

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