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January 2018

The Elusive Goal of Global Food Security
by Rosamond L. Naylor
“What will it take to meet the global food needs of up to 10 billion people by midcentury in the midst of expanding civil conflicts, human displacement, extreme climate events, and other natural disasters?”

The United Nations and Sovereignty in the Age of Trump
by Thomas G. Weiss
“Sovereignty can be and has been interpreted more inclusively—including during World War II—to justify cooperation in the face of common, existential threats.”

The Right Way to Build Resilience to Climate Change
by Daniel P. Aldrich
“Focusing solely on physical infrastructure runs the risk of overlooking another critical component of resilience: social infrastructure.” Fourth in a series on climate adaptation around the world.

The Strained Marriage of Public Debts and Private Contracts
by Anna Gelpern
“[S]overeign debt is a complex political institution, which cannot be reduced to creditor coordination or any other contract problem.”

How Big Data Feeds Big Crime
by David S. Wall
“Big data and big crimes are powered by cloud technologies and the Internet of Things...”

Perspective: Fear, Loathing, and Nuclear Disarmament
by Sharon Squassoni
A volatile US president has stirred up new angst over the nuclear peril. The UN treaty banning the bomb may not have much immediate effect, but it could be a first step toward a safer future.

Books: Beginning of the End?
by Joshua Lustig
A pair of political scientists warn that history offers many examples of democracies collapsing after demagogues come to power—and the United States is not immune

The Month in Review: November 2017
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in November, country by country, day by day.

A Statistical Snapshot of the World
by the editors of Current History

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