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September 2015

New Spaces, New Controls: 
China’s Embryonic Public Sphere
by Sebastian Veg
“[T]he privatization of the economy, technical innovations on the Internet, and the sinophone sphere of debate have combined to create new spaces for informed discussion of topics that are officially banned . . . ”

Resisting Chinese Influence:
 Social Movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan
by Malte Philipp Kaeding
“[T]he movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong . . . are essentially about the reaffirmation of a distinct local identity.”

China’s Bold Economic Statecraft
by Gregory T. Chin
“Beijing has come to realize that multilateral organizations can legitimize and universalize Chinese interests at a time when China needs to reassure others about the way it will use its newfound powers in the global system.”

A Push to End Pacifism Tests Japanese Democracy
by Alexis Dudden
“[A]n overwhelming majority of Japanese wants to ‘protect’ the constitution—using the same word, mamore, that Abe and his supporters use to justify their desire for Japanese troops to fight.”

Is Vietnam on the Verge of Change?
by Jonathan D. London
“Vietnam has arrived at a momentous juncture in its social and political development. It is a country ripe with potential, but it creaks under the weight of an almost feudalistic political system.”

Singapore at 50: The Post–Lee Kuan Yew Era
by Bridget Welsh
“The party Lee founded . . . is grappling with the question of how to hold onto power in the face of a more diverse and demanding electorate and a less advantageous economic environment.”

Perspective: Repression, Resistance, and the Law in Post-Coup Thailand
by Tyrell Haberkorn
Since the May 2014 coup, the junta has leaned on the law to impose the worst repression in Thailand since the 1970s. Opposition activists are fighting back in the courts.

Books: Trans-Pacific Destiny
by Ellen D. Wu
A new book by historian Gordon H. Chang shows that China has long obsessed Americans, spurring on their expansionary and missionary impulses.

Four Months in Review: April–July 2015
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events from April through July, country by country, day by day.

Map of China and East Asia
by the editors of Current History

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