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September 2014

Citizen Contention and Campus Calm: The Paradox of Chinese Civil Society
by Elizabeth J. Perry
“Contrary to conventional predictions, the growth of protest and civil society in contemporary China seems more conducive to the resilience of authoritarianism than to imminent democratization.”

History’s Unfinished Business in East Asia
by Rana Mitter
“China . . . is determined that it will have greater influence than it enjoys at present, and it will use historical justifications to make its case.” First in a series on resurgent nationalism around the world.

How Real Are Myanmar’s Reforms?
by Christina Fink
“Full democratization may not be achieved in the near future, but given that the reform process was initiated by the regime, Myanmar has come a long way.”

The Roots of China’s Ethnic Conflicts
by Yan Sun
“A better understanding of the flaws in China’s ethnic policy would help ease the vicious cycle of ever more sticks and carrots in dealing with sensitive regions.”

Mongolia Searches for Breathing Room
by Li Narangoa
“Mongolian leaders have decided the nation must find ways to take care of itself, rather than rely on its neighbors.”

Perspective: China’s Bullying No Match for US Pacific Power
by Bruce Cumings
Beijing’s grabs for puny islands have alarmed and alienated smaller countries in the region. But Washington doesn’t need to “pivot” to Asia—it’s been in charge there for decades.

Books: Forbidden Memories of 1989
by Kate Merkel-Hess
New books by Evan Osnos and Louisa Lim show the profound dissonance between official amnesia and personal recollections of the Tiananmen tragedy.

Four Months in Review: April–July 2014
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events from April through July, country by country, day by day.

Map of China and East Asia
by the editors of Current History

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