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May 2016

Public Health and Global Interventions in Africa
by Ruth J. Prince
“The power to set agendas, priorities, and approaches lies largely in the hands of external donors, removing African governments from policy making in areas concerning the health-care needs of their citizens.”

Term Limits and Beyond: Africa’s Democratic Hurdles
by Adrienne LeBas
“Executives are able to act with impunity because there is no strong, organized opposition to challenge entrenched incumbents and push them toward a genuine political opening.”

Youthful Dissent Challenges Angola’s Old Elite
by Justin Pearce
“Angola’s rulers are faced with the rise of a generation that does not accept the political logic of the war, whereby dissent equaled treason.”

Stalled Land Reform in South Africa
by Edward Lahiff
“Since the end of apartheid, South African land reform has struggled—and so far failed—to overcome extreme inequalities and historical injustices…”

Africa’s Emergent Public Sphere
by Ebenezer Obadare
“[There] appears to be a generally more assertive public sphere, with an ebullience strikingly in excess of the technological resources at its disposal.” Seventh in a series on public spheres around the world.

Perspective: Africa After the China Boom
by Ian Taylor
Chinese demand drove a commodity supercycle that was good for many African economies. Now that it’s over, those who failed to cultivate other industries are back to square one.

Books: Africa’s Young Survivors
by William Reno
Young people in African countries often can’t afford marriage and other conventional hallmarks of adulthood. Yet they have developed valuable skills in the struggle to get by.

The Month in Review: March 2016
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in March, country by country, day by day.

Map of Africa
by the editors of Current History

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