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January 2015

The Global Crisis of the Nation-State
by Aviel Roshwald
“[I]t is the failure to consolidate or maintain national identities that are cohesive yet adaptable, rooted in shared historical memories yet capable of integrating new ones, that helps generate some of the major threats to peace and stability in today’s global environment.” Fourth in a series on resurgent nationalism.

The Geopolitics of Cyberspace After Snowden
by Ron Deibert
“The aims of the Internet economy and those of state security converge around the same functional needs: collecting, monitoring, and analyzing as much data as possible.”

Twenty-First-Century Space Security: Conflict or Collaboration?
by James Clay Moltz
“Given the growing number of actors and spacecraft in orbit, the major challenge facing the international community is one of collective action. . . .”

A “New Mediocre” for the Global Economy?
by Barry Eichengreen
“Which view is correct—that which attributes the likelihood of a weak economy in 2015 to the unfortunate concurrence of transitory problems in a number of the world’s largest economies, or that which warns of secular stagnation due to the declining productive potential of innovation?”

The Power Paradox
by Amrita Narlikar
“As developing countries have come to exercise greater voice and more effective veto power, multilateral processes have deadlocked and rich countries have preferred to transfer their negotiating efforts to alternative forums."

Perspective: Climate Change Politics on the Road to Paris
by Lorraine Elliott
Nations will try to negotiate a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol by the end of 2015. Can they agree on how to share the burden of cutting emissions and funding mitigation and adaption measures?

Books: The Limits of Intervention
by Duncan Bell
A new book by Michael W. Doyle engages with the ideas of John Stuart Mill in an effort to answer the perennial question of when international humanitarian intervention can be justified.

The Month in Review: November 2014
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in November, country by country, day by day.

A Statistical Snapshot of the World
by the editors of Current History

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