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April 2019

Obstacles to Social Mobility in India—And the Way Forward
by Anirudh Krishna
“For many ... significant upward mobility remains a doubtful prospect, while substantial downward mobility is a real possibility.” Eighth in a series on social mobility around the world.

Made in Bangladesh: Homegrown Development in a Global Economy
by Naomi Hossain
“Few big countries ... have had their fortunes so profoundly shaped by a weak position in the global system.”

Sri Lanka’s Post–Civil War Problems
by Neil DeVotta and Sumit Ganguly
“Sri Lanka’s ethnoreligious divisions are bound to continue as long as the likes of Rajapaksa dominate the island’s political scene.”

The Taliban’s War for Legitimacy in Afghanistan
by Ashley Jackson and Florian Weigand
“The Taliban are no longer a shadowy insurgency; they are now a full-fledged parallel political order.”

The Making of the Rohingya Genocide and Myanmar’s Impunity
by C. Christine Fair
“Myanmar has consolidated its impunity, making its crimes a fait accompli. To do so, it first destabilized the legitimacy of the Rohingya as a group…”

Perspective: The Death Wish in Pakistan’s Aid Dependence
by S. Akbar Zaidi
Pakistani elites’ aversion to paying taxes leaves the country dependent on foreign aid and beholden to donors. As Washington cools on its old ally, the Chinese and Saudis may fill the void.

Books: The Long Struggle to Master the Monsoon
by Eric Tagliacozzo
For centuries, India searched for ways to escape the deadly cycle of too little water and too much. Pollution and climate change threaten to undo the progress it has made.

The Month in Review: February 2019
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in February, country by country, day by day.

Map of South Asia
by the editors of Current History

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