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October 2015

The End of Ambiguity in Russia
by Samuel A. Greene
“The narrative underpinning all of these shifts—the construction of a new hierarchy of power, the unrelenting attacks on the opposition, the rise of confrontation with the United States—was one of threat.”

Can Ukraine Save Its Revolution?
by Andrew Wilson
“A new nation is arguably in the making. However, the economy has collapsed, and not enough has changed in the political system. . . . [I]t is too early to celebrate even the positive trends as permanent.”

The Costs of Peace in Chechnya
by Emma Gilligan
“Kadyrov is engineering public identity through forced Islamization, manipulating culture for political ends, and marginalizing the Russian constitution.”

China and Russia’s Soft Competition in Central Asia
by Raffaello Pantucci
“China is the increasingly dominant power in the region, but it is acting in full concordance with Russia.”

The Decay of the Russian Public Sphere
by Alexander Etkind
“[A]lthough the level of political control in Putin’s Russia is not much different from what was typical for the late Soviet period, the means of control have changed entirely.” Second in a series on public spheres around the world.

Perspective: The Purpose of Putin’s Machismo
by Valerie Sperling
The Russian president carefully cultivates an image of muscular masculinity to pump up nationalist fervor against a West portrayed as culturally and sexually decadent.

Books: A New Understanding of a Century-Old Genocide
by Howard Eissenstat
Ronald Grigor Suny has written a history of the Armenian genocide that goes beyond familiar partisan interpretations and does justice to the full complexity of the tragedy.

The Month in Review: August 2015
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in August, county by country, day by day

Map of Russia and Eurasia
by the editors of Current History

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